6 Ways To Use TweetDeck Effectively

TweetDeck is an important option available on dashboard tool in Twitter which helps to manage your action on this platform. There are few simple ways that can help to make your TweetDeck experience more interesting. The following are few things that can be done with TweetDeck which is not known by many Twitter users. TweetDeck can be used by Twitter users to make their experience really engaging. Mainly the brands can use TweetDeck for improving their presence on the social media channel.

1. Share custom columns- TweetDeck allows you to include custom columns that can monitor various things such as mentions, lists, messages and many more. There is no restrictions for adding the custom columns in TweetDeck and even arrange the streams for best use. You can arrange the columns by just dragging the icon and placing it in the place you want it to be.

2. Managing multiple accounts- TweetDeck allows you to manage more than one Twitter account without any charges from the dashboard. It allows at least 200 accounts to be managed within the tool. You can do this by accessing your Twitter account and select the option ‘Accounts’ to manage it through TweetDeck. It is possible to select the Twitter account while including the new columns.

3. TweetDeck group- There is another new option available in TweetDeck that allows the brands to access their profile without revealing the passwords. With TweetDeck group, the brands can support their team members for tweeting related to their product. More Twitter users will be helpful in making the brands easier to reach to various people on this social media platform. Most of the consumers like to get response from the brands through tweet and by creating TweetDeck group it is possible to reach the customers really fast.

4. Plan your presence- This is very important as you must plan your presence on this platform. You must schedule your posts in such a way that it keeps your profile active on regular basis. TweetDeck is available with a new option that helps you to include the images. You can schedule the tweets using TweetDeck and always manage the content without going out of your profile.

5. List of tweets- Twitter is available with a feature that will support the users to have a customized Tweet Grid and embed it on their sites to list out the selected tweets. The grids will be created with the help of TweetDeck by starting a collections column. Just drag the tweets for adding it into the collection and arrange it as per your desire.

6. Manage Twitter lists- This is the best way to make Twitter a sensible social media channel. By managing your Twitter lists, it is possible to follow the profiles related to a particular topic without missing any relevant information and get more followers. TweetDeck lets you to create and even edit lists by setting up columns by monitoring it in the best way.

Important Tools To Schedule Your Posts

Most of the people using Twitter like to schedule their post and even repost them automatically. There are a number of free tools that can be used to do this in the more effective way. Google calendar and IFTTT are two important options to get your post automated on the social media network. You can spend a small amount of time in order to be more effective on the social media channel and reach to their audience.

1. Google calendar and IFTTT- This is the first step in scheduling your post automatically. Just use your Gmail account to create the Google calendar. This is where you’ll load the queue of social media posts to loop. If you don’t already have a Gmail account, you can create one here. Then you can create a connection in IFTTT using the option ‘recipe’ to link both Google calendar and IFTTT. Creating the ‘recipe’ is very easy as you can see the option on top and enter Google Calendar. Next choose an Event from the Search Starts which will fire each time when the IFTTT sees event on the Google calendar. You must also enter the hashtag in Keyword text box to get connected with your social account. When the IFTTT spots the hashtag used by you it will start the recipe.

2. Posts on Google Calendar- Just upload the CSV file with your content on Google Calendar which will save more time. Try to use different columns such as first one which will be the subject related to the post and it cannot be seen on the published post. The second column will feature the date of your post and the third column will be end date which is not considered by IFTTT. If required you can also create other columns such as description, location and more. You can also add the social posts manually into the calendar. To do this, just create the events in calendar by selecting the option Create. Then you must enter the information related to the event and also include image URL.

3. Repeat your post- This process will help the users to automate the scheduled posts and if require try to create end date. Open your first event to choose the Repeat option and a pop-up box can be seen where you must choose the interval to repeat your posts. Do the same on all your events and all your posts will be looping on a similar tone. It is possible to include the events individually while creating the new posts and even delete them if required. Providing an important content for your audience is not an easy process, but it can be engaging. You have to post contents on your social media channel regularly to attract the audience, but to do this you must be using it on daily basis. Instead of this you can just repeat your important post on regular intervals to keep the audience engaged.

Introduce New Product On Social Media Network

One of the best places to introduce your new product is the social media platform. You will get plenty of unique ideas to introduce your product on this platform. Social media network helps the brands to engage with the audience very easily. By creating contents it is possible to engage with the social media audience which will build a platform to introduce your product.

1. Create a launch video- Social media channels provide various opportunities to engage with the people and one of the ways is creating your own product video. If possible try to launch the video at a live event. In the video you must reveal about yourself and also include images. Try to attach other attractive videos that support your product. There are different tools available to combine all types of videos and images together in a single file. Try to record an audio that is suitable for your video.

2. Start your email list- Create your own email list with the people who are interested in your product. You can create a simple page that must help you to direct the people to your social media channel and sign up for the list. This is very important to have the list of people who have responded to your video and it can help to develop your community.

3. Upload regular videos- Now you will have the email list ready to engage on regular basis. So try to post videos regularly like weekly basis which include feature information related to your product. Instead of displaying your product in the video, just get in front of the audience through the video. To create the video, just use your mobile device and reveal the details about your product. You can create a curiosity among the people by launching a video which can be short.

4. Announce your product- Once the launch date of your product gets close, try to announce it with a simple message like coming soon. You can either announce it through images or create a simple video. You can promote this video with your email list and for others on the social media channels.

5. Using social media channels- This is a very important process where you must reveal the information about your product launch on various social media channels. In the social media channels, try to reveal your product details in places like banners, Twitter bio, about us and more.

6. Support your audience- Now you must get help from your audience to promote the launch of new product. You can just send a tweet to your audience to support your product launch and try to use the option ClicktoTweet to make your process simple. Also create shareable tweets using the hashtag which will help to track the people participated in the promotion of your product. Also make sure to reply to all the people who have responded to your tweet which will help to engage with them easily in future.

Using Twitter Ads To Get Qualified Leads

Twitter ads have been a great support in getting successful leads for the brands through social media channels. There are few special ways to redefine your Twitter ads to target the right people. You can always start your process with the ad campaign by logging into the Twitter account. You can also make use of Twitter in the right way to reach your audience using the ad campaign and also be selective while selecting the group of audience. You can just use the most common way of reaching the audience like their gender, location, language and more. Your aim must be to reach more people in a particular region and the following steps will help you to do this.

1. Reaching audience country wise- To do this you can use geotargeting which can help to find customers based on their location. Try to search for particular location using geotargeted ads that helps to target around 200 markets across the world. You also have another way of reaching your customers through granular targeting which helps to create ads for particular region.

2. Ads based on gender- Gender targeting can be the best way to make your ads to reach a particular gender on the social media platform. You can either target men or women based on the research that is used to target the customers. Just access Twitter ad campaign and select the gender even though Twitter will not ask the gender details try to add it if required. With this option you can advertise with different languages and target to various people.

3. Target audience based on language- This is a very important step that can help to develop a trust among your audience on the social media platform. Try to use language targeting as well as geotargeting together to reach your audience with the ad.

4. People using particular device- This is a versatile way of targeting users using a particular device. The mobile users are likely to get attracted for new ads when compared to the people who are using other devices such as a computer. So you will get an idea about targeting the people who have more involvement through a particular device. To reach the people by device, just select the option Select Devices and Platforms to tick all appropriate boxes.

5. Target people with specific interest- Twitter is one of the best platforms to target people with specific interest. To do this, just select Add Interests to see the interest categories and select one of them for using it in your business. There are about 25 categories of interests available in Twitter along with 350 subcategories that can be used for targeting your audience.

6. Reach to a particular group of audience- Tailored audience is one way of reaching the people on the social media platform which is mainly based on website visitors. You can use CRM data and make a custom list of users to target better leads.

Steps To Handle Trolls On Social Media

Trolls on the social media are very common problem, but it can give a hard time for the users. The people who are online will post negative about a business purposefully and generate problem on the social media platform. The trolls will include negative comments about your product and other. So the troll can easily affect your brand name and reputation if you fail to control it. There are few things that can help to control the trolls on the social media. One of the best ways to handle the trolls is to stay patient and you can just stay away from them. This is the only best way that can help to prevent the trolls from taking over your brand reputation.

1. Use your funny side- This is the best way to deal with trolls on social media as you can disarm it with humor. Never try to ignore the trolls related to your brand as it can affect your business, instead you can address it with a humor sense. You can just send a tweet with humor in it and you will also acknowledge the situation as well as end it.

2. Use the right information- When the trolls feature rumors, make sure to share the information that is right. You can use the right information to stay down all the details shared by the trolls. Addressing the wrong information with right detail can maintain the reputation you have about the brand among the other users.

3. Avoid the trolls- There are different types of trolls on the social media platform apart from comments and followers. Sometimes even brands do the trolling online to affect their competitive companies. In this case you must avoid it completely and stay in the right side of the issue. Here also you can simply respond with humor to handle this problem in the most simple way. If you are a large brand then the followers can easily forgive you support your business.

4. Protect your profile- You must have a complete knowledge about the online trolling in order to deal with it in the right way. There are also few things that can be done without fail to protect your social media profile from getting trolled. The first option is to stay active on the social media platform monitor all conversations from your followers on social media network. By doing this you will be able to track all the comments and step in at the right time when trolling occurs. The next option is to set your own guidelines which will help you to stay away from all the trolls. If you are posting or sharing content on the social media, try to use in the most visible place. The third option would be to stay pleasant among all your followers including trolls. Most of the times trolls will be looking for publicity through negative comments, so try to be calm during this situation.

Different Forms Of Twitter Marketing

Those who are marketing their business through social media like Twitter must use unique technique so it can reach the audience. There are various ways of Twitter marketing you can do make your process really different from others. So those who are not having any plans of using Twitter marketing effectively can follow this simple methods. By following these steps you can easily attract more audience and increase your engagement in Twitter.

1. Twitter poll- Conduct a Twitter poll so you can get more ideas about marketing your business through marketing. The Twitter poll can be a perfect choice for both business and personal profile. The results for your poll can be seen live once it gets active and make people to vote in the poll. Try to use questions in your poll that can create an engagement with your followers and other users in Twitter. Select the questions that are relevant to your business and use it in the poll. To start the Twitter poll, create a tweet and select the icon add poll. Then you can type the question and suggest up to 4 possible answers.

2. Twitter with Periscope- This is one of the best options during a live event where you can live-stream the entire event through Periscope and try to embed it in the site to make it visible for your viewers. Use the event hashtag to promote your event well in advance so the audience can get into a conversation.

3. Adding links- Try to add the links in your tweets that can generate more traffic from the Twitter followers as they will know more information related to your business. While sharing a link in Twitter about your website, you must also change the title, description and image used in your profile. If you share the link in between the tweets can also help to get retweets easily from other users.

4. Tagging people- Those who are able to produce the best content in Twitter during their marketing process, they can just tag the people mentioned in the content. This will increase the reach of your content through retweets, DM and more. If you like to promote the influencer marketing content try to share attractive things in Twitter and tag the influencers in it as they will retweet the post. You can simply share an image related to the content posted by your influencer and tag them to get the retweet very easily.

5. Trending news- Look for the news that is trending in Twitter and assess whether you can use it for marketing your business. To know what it trending in Twitter you have to monitor the trends on this platform. It is normally located in your computer at the left side of Twitter feed and in your mobile you can see the trends by selecting search icon. Most of the trends are normally based on particular location and the users you follow in Twitter.

Improve Your Engagement On Social Media

Getting engaged on the social media platform can give a hard time, but you can follow a particular way to make this work simple as well as efficient. Having a good engagement on the social media platform can help to increase your followers and also promote your content. Social media is considered to be the most important tool for the development of your business as well as promote your product in the right way. Launching social media campaigns helps you spread awareness and build an audience. To get more engagement it is important to start a social media campaign where you can meet a number of people who can support to promote your brand.

1. The first option is to approach with the other users in a friendly manner. If you are planning to run a social campaign, the audiences are the best part of it. So make sure to know about your audience which will help to recognize what type of content they are interested in. Try to do a complete research about your audience like which social media they are using more and what topic they like to discuss. Once you know the basic things about your audience, try to communicate before starting your social media campaign. You can also find businesses that use this type of campaign in a perfect manner after approaching their audience in a perfect manner.

2. The next option is to make the followers to promote your product. To do this you must have a good relationship with your followers and which will make your campaign really successful. The main aim for you must be to sell the product and spread your brand name. Before selling your product it is important to promote them in a perfect way using your followers. Never try to force your followers to sell the product as it can make you lose them forever. First give some time for your followers to share the product you want to promote which is a unique way of attracting more audience. You can also start a contest which will give an opportunity for your followers to display their unique creativity and have a good connection with your products. By adding the audiences creativity to promote your product can help to form a good relationship with them.

3. Using hastags to attract more audience to your brand. This is very important if you want to start a new social media promotion and to achieve your goal. Make sure to decide about your audience before reaching out to them and use hashtags to achieve this in the perfect manner. You can also use the call to action option for reaching a particular people on the social media platform. To use hashtags effectively, try to start a new campaign and tag other to enter into the campaign. If your campaign is really interesting, then most of the people try to participate in it, but make sure it is really interesting.

Attract Leads With Contests On Social Media

Contests held in social media networks are the best way to achieve something good on the online platform. With these contests you can attract more people that can easily help you to achieve great engagement with them. There are many businesses that have conducted contests to be highly successful on the social media. The following are important things that must be considered while beginning contests on social media.

1. Mobile friendly contests- Most of the people access their social media through their mobile. Everyone wants to be in touch with their friends and followers on the social media which is normally done using their mobiles. According to a report the people who use mobile to browse social media are really more when compared to people using their computer. So make sure that your contest in mobile friendly which is really important when you see all the reports.

2. Share your post with links- The social media contests are really perfect choice to attract more people, but there are special ways that must be followed to achieve leads out of it. You must make sure that your followers and other people are able to find about your contest to turn them into leads. To do this try to promote the social media contest with the help of various techniques such as email marketing, sharing blog posts, other ways of marketing and more. Use the link of your posts to share the details about your contests. To promote the contest use a direct link to post in your campaign that has been created and when someone clicks on your post, they will see the contest page.

3. Reward for viewers- After you have decided to start the contest, make sure to announce the reward for the people who wants to participate in it. Most of the people just begin the contest in the right way, but fail to announce the rewards which are really important for anyone who wants to enter into the contest. Select the reward that can easily attract the people on social media platform. Finding the best reward can be a difficult process, but you must choose the prize that is relevant to your business.

4. Using share buttons- This is the best option to make your followers to share the contest details. When one of your followers clicks the share button, they will be able to share the same with their followers which can be easily helpful for your contest. Try to include Twitter shares in the contest which can be helpful in getting more leads directly or indirectly.

5. Mention the timing- It is one of the easy ways to make your contest more interesting. When you are introducing the contest to your followers, try to mention the time when your contest will begin and the time it ends. Make sure to run the contest at least for a week to give sufficient time for the participators to enter into it.

Creating PDF File With Retweet Button

By adding retweet buttons to a PDF files the readers will be able to share their great content with various followers in Twitter. You just need to embed the retweet buttons in a PDF file and the readers will be able to click on the retweet button to access the content. By adding a retweet button in the PDF file the readers can links back to the main landing page. The readers must click on the retweet button located in your PDF file before selecting the update button on Twitter.  There is no need for the reader to log into their Twitter account to read the content even though they will see the login prompt. The PDF files usually float on various places and it can be seen by everyone rather than just the creator of the file. Here are few simple ways to create retweet button in the PDF file.

1. Create a simple image that will be placed in the PDF file. Just use any of the graphic software to create the image and this will be placed in the file you have. You can place the image created in different places of the PDF file.

2. Find the right place where you will keep the PDF file, so it can be easy for the users to locate it. The Twitter users must find the file in the same where every time they would like to share it, so create the landing page which must link to your original PDF file and never mention the link which takes the people to your file directly without the landing page. You can also include videos, words related to the PDF file which must make the people to engage with your account.

3. After creating the link to your landing page, try to shorten the URL. Make sure to use just 100 characters as including the link which will help others to add comments to your content. Also include a hashtag which can be helpful while tracking it.

4. Now place the link in your PDF file and generate it by using the tool in your PC. There are also other online websites that allow you to create the PDF file online and you can download it to your Computer. This is the final step in this process where you will be creating the hot links in the PDF file for the retweet buttons and do the same with all the retweet buttons in various places of the file.

Here are few advantages of using retweet button to the PDF file such as,
1. The readers will be able to share their PDF file with their followers.
2. The readers can also click the retweet button to show their gratitude.
3. It also provides regular traffic to PDF file as most of them will try to retweet if they like the content in the PDF file.
4. You can also see who has shared your PDF file.

Using Twitter To Develop Retail Shop

Twitter is a platform that is not only suitable for bigger business, but it can also help a small retail shop to develop their business. Most of the small retail shop owners have very little knowledge about using Twitter for the improvement of their business. People usually use Twitter and Facebook to improve their retail business, but Twitter can be most helpful in doing this by following some of the simple steps. Here are few things that can help the retail owners to make big with Twitter.

1. Build a shop- It is always important to set up a business place which is very important to engaged with your customers. Next you have to create a Twitter account for both your business and yourself. The people usually start following a person and not a business. Most of the people like to get engaged with people than the business.

2. Develop your audience- The next step is to make the people to see your Twitter account. To do this you must spend time in building your audience in Twitter. You can select the people in your geographic area to get better response. This can help to reach out to more number of people within your limited area.

3. Preparing the content- This is a very important step as you must create the content in such a way that people must get attracted to it easily. But make sure to create the content that is only related to your business. Just start with the content that is relevant to your business and slowly ask for suggestions to the people. You can also take the handle in the tweet in Twitter very easily. Try to discuss about your loyal customer in the tweet which can help to take your engagement to a next level.

4. Maintain location-based application- There are lot of applications available in the market that can be used for this purpose. Some of them can also support you in driving more customers to your shop using Twitter. Most of the people use only location-based application that normally links to the Twitter account. It is possible to engage with the people once you make them visit the place of your business. Just use the website to see how many people have actually used the apps to check in about your information.

5. Motivating the audience- Having a good connection with your customers needs a very important strategy which can be done with various ways. You can make your customer happy by offering them rewards and even incentives to motivate them to visit your shop in person. Try to create discount coupons in Twitter and make it available for the audience for a day which can help to generate more number of visits. You can also make an announcement that if anyone mentions Twitter will get discounts. Try to announce an event on a special day on which the people can get attracted to.