Attract Leads With Contests On Social Media

Contests held in social media networks are the best way to achieve something good on the online platform. With these contests you can attract more people that can easily help you to achieve great engagement with them. There are many businesses that have conducted contests to be highly successful on the social media. The following are important things that must be considered while beginning contests on social media.

1. Mobile friendly contests- Most of the people access their social media through their mobile. Everyone wants to be in touch with their friends and followers on the social media which is normally done using their mobiles. According to a report the people who use mobile to browse social media are really more when compared to people using their computer. So make sure that your contest in mobile friendly which is really important when you see all the reports.

2. Share your post with links- The social media contests are really perfect choice to attract more people, but there are special ways that must be followed to achieve leads out of it. You must make sure that your followers and other people are able to find about your contest to turn them into leads. To do this try to promote the social media contest with the help of various techniques such as email marketing, sharing blog posts, other ways of marketing and more. Use the link of your posts to share the details about your contests. To promote the contest use a direct link to post in your campaign that has been created and when someone clicks on your post, they will see the contest page.

3. Reward for viewers- After you have decided to start the contest, make sure to announce the reward for the people who wants to participate in it. Most of the people just begin the contest in the right way, but fail to announce the rewards which are really important for anyone who wants to enter into the contest. Select the reward that can easily attract the people on social media platform. Finding the best reward can be a difficult process, but you must choose the prize that is relevant to your business.

4. Using share buttons- This is the best option to make your followers to share the contest details. When one of your followers clicks the share button, they will be able to share the same with their followers which can be easily helpful for your contest. Try to include Twitter shares in the contest which can be helpful in getting more leads directly or indirectly.

5. Mention the timing- It is one of the easy ways to make your contest more interesting. When you are introducing the contest to your followers, try to mention the time when your contest will begin and the time it ends. Make sure to run the contest at least for a week to give sufficient time for the participators to enter into it.

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