Important Tools To Schedule Your Posts

Most of the people using Twitter like to schedule their post and even repost them automatically. There are a number of free tools that can be used to do this in the more effective way. Google calendar and IFTTT are two important options to get your post automated on the social media network. You can spend a small amount of time in order to be more effective on the social media channel and reach to their audience.

1. Google calendar and IFTTT- This is the first step in scheduling your post automatically. Just use your Gmail account to create the Google calendar. This is where you’ll load the queue of social media posts to loop. If you don’t already have a Gmail account, you can create one here. Then you can create a connection in IFTTT using the option ‘recipe’ to link both Google calendar and IFTTT. Creating the ‘recipe’ is very easy as you can see the option on top and enter Google Calendar. Next choose an Event from the Search Starts which will fire each time when the IFTTT sees event on the Google calendar. You must also enter the hashtag in Keyword text box to get connected with your social account. When the IFTTT spots the hashtag used by you it will start the recipe.

2. Posts on Google Calendar- Just upload the CSV file with your content on Google Calendar which will save more time. Try to use different columns such as first one which will be the subject related to the post and it cannot be seen on the published post. The second column will feature the date of your post and the third column will be end date which is not considered by IFTTT. If required you can also create other columns such as description, location and more. You can also add the social posts manually into the calendar. To do this, just create the events in calendar by selecting the option Create. Then you must enter the information related to the event and also include image URL.

3. Repeat your post- This process will help the users to automate the scheduled posts and if require try to create end date. Open your first event to choose the Repeat option and a pop-up box can be seen where you must choose the interval to repeat your posts. Do the same on all your events and all your posts will be looping on a similar tone. It is possible to include the events individually while creating the new posts and even delete them if required. Providing an important content for your audience is not an easy process, but it can be engaging. You have to post contents on your social media channel regularly to attract the audience, but to do this you must be using it on daily basis. Instead of this you can just repeat your important post on regular intervals to keep the audience engaged.