6 Ways To Use TweetDeck Effectively

TweetDeck is an important option available on dashboard tool in Twitter which helps to manage your action on this platform. There are few simple ways that can help to make your TweetDeck experience more interesting. The following are few things that can be done with TweetDeck which is not known by many Twitter users. TweetDeck can be used by Twitter users to make their experience really engaging. Mainly the brands can use TweetDeck for improving their presence on the social media channel.

1. Share custom columns- TweetDeck allows you to include custom columns that can monitor various things such as mentions, lists, messages and many more. There is no restrictions for adding the custom columns in TweetDeck and even arrange the streams for best use. You can arrange the columns by just dragging the icon and placing it in the place you want it to be.

2. Managing multiple accounts- TweetDeck allows you to manage more than one Twitter account without any charges from the dashboard. It allows at least 200 accounts to be managed within the tool. You can do this by accessing your Twitter account and select the option ‘Accounts’ to manage it through TweetDeck. It is possible to select the Twitter account while including the new columns.

3. TweetDeck group- There is another new option available in TweetDeck that allows the brands to access their profile without revealing the passwords. With TweetDeck group, the brands can support their team members for tweeting related to their product. More Twitter users will be helpful in making the brands easier to reach to various people on this social media platform. Most of the consumers like to get response from the brands through tweet and by creating TweetDeck group it is possible to reach the customers really fast.

4. Plan your presence- This is very important as you must plan your presence on this platform. You must schedule your posts in such a way that it keeps your profile active on regular basis. TweetDeck is available with a new option that helps you to include the images. You can schedule the tweets using TweetDeck and always manage the content without going out of your profile.

5. List of tweets- Twitter is available with a feature that will support the users to have a customized Tweet Grid and embed it on their sites to list out the selected tweets. The grids will be created with the help of TweetDeck by starting a collections column. Just drag the tweets for adding it into the collection and arrange it as per your desire.

6. Manage Twitter lists- This is the best way to make Twitter a sensible social media channel. By managing your Twitter lists, it is possible to follow the profiles related to a particular topic without missing any relevant information and get more followers. TweetDeck lets you to create and even edit lists by setting up columns by monitoring it in the best way.