Tools To Increase Productivity In Twitter

Twitter activities must be managed in a proper way to make it more effective for your business. There are few important tools that can help to manage the marketing activities in Twitter. It can be easy to use these tools in a perfect way to improve your productivity in twitter with some practice. But you must customize them as per your desire just for the first time.

1. AgoraPulse for managing twitter messages- Managing the messages daily in Twitter can consume time. Most of the retail brands are not able to reply even fifty percent of the messages that they receive on daily basis. AgoraPulse is one of the best management tool that can be used to manage your social media messages. This tool helps to show the direct messages in the social inbox with monitoring alerts that helps to respond to the messages immediately. There will be two tabs in your social inbox that will feature incoming mentions in one tab and second tab for search queries as well as retweets.

2. Zapier for answering questions- It is not easy to look for questions to answer in the social media world. In such cases you can try out Zapier for creating email alert to receive notification automatically while a question is asked by the Twitter lists. There is an option to exclude tweets with links in this tool. This tool is available with free as well as paid plans and it is also much easier to use.

3. ManageFlitter for managing your followers- ManageFlitter is one of the tool that can be used to manage Twitter followers with options such as follow and unfollow. There is a Power Mode option along with powerful filters in this tool that can be used to find relevant users to follow. But the Power Mode is available for a fee on monthly basis.

4. Missinglettr for content shares in your blog- While posting articles in blog most of the people want to share the same with their Twitter account. The missinglettr is one among such tool that can increase engagement potential to the posts in your blogs. You can easily publicize your article regularly with the help of Twitter. It is easy to create an account in this tool for free and connect the RSS feed in your blog. The missinglettr tool will look for new article and develop a marketing campaign that will feature number of tweets connecting to the article.

5. Google+ and Friends+Me for cross-post- Google+ has made lot of changes since its introduction that can help your social network. Friends+Me helps you to get more benefits after posting it in the Google+ and you can cross-post to the social networks such as Twitter. Once you have posted in the Google+, the Friends+Me will try to repurpose the content before posting it once again in the social networks. There is an option in this tool that can help you to post immediately in Twitter and also schedule it as per your desire.