Creating PDF File With Retweet Button

By adding retweet buttons to a PDF files the readers will be able to share their great content with various followers in Twitter. You just need to embed the retweet buttons in a PDF file and the readers will be able to click on the retweet button to access the content. By adding a retweet button in the PDF file the readers can links back to the main landing page. The readers must click on the retweet button located in your PDF file before selecting the update button on Twitter.  There is no need for the reader to log into their Twitter account to read the content even though they will see the login prompt. The PDF files usually float on various places and it can be seen by everyone rather than just the creator of the file. Here are few simple ways to create retweet button in the PDF file.

1. Create a simple image that will be placed in the PDF file. Just use any of the graphic software to create the image and this will be placed in the file you have. You can place the image created in different places of the PDF file.

2. Find the right place where you will keep the PDF file, so it can be easy for the users to locate it. The Twitter users must find the file in the same where every time they would like to share it, so create the landing page which must link to your original PDF file and never mention the link which takes the people to your file directly without the landing page. You can also include videos, words related to the PDF file which must make the people to engage with your account.

3. After creating the link to your landing page, try to shorten the URL. Make sure to use just 100 characters as including the link which will help others to add comments to your content. Also include a hashtag which can be helpful while tracking it.

4. Now place the link in your PDF file and generate it by using the tool in your PC. There are also other online websites that allow you to create the PDF file online and you can download it to your Computer. This is the final step in this process where you will be creating the hot links in the PDF file for the retweet buttons and do the same with all the retweet buttons in various places of the file.

Here are few advantages of using retweet button to the PDF file such as,
1. The readers will be able to share their PDF file with their followers.
2. The readers can also click the retweet button to show their gratitude.
3. It also provides regular traffic to PDF file as most of them will try to retweet if they like the content in the PDF file.
4. You can also see who has shared your PDF file.