Five Ways To Deal With Hacks In Twitter

There is always been a question about security in Twitter as most of the professional accounts have been hacked easily. You can follow some of the important steps to prevent your Twitter account from getting hacked. Just follow these five different ways in order to safeguard you Twitter from the hackers and you can easily prevent it from happening.

1. Twitter and other webmail accounts- There is a way to use the same email id to log in into different type of accounts and this can also become a threat. Most of the people will normally use the same log in and password to access other webmail accounts that can easily provide a chance to get hacked. Once the hacker gets access to your email account it will become much easier for them to change the password of your Twitter account. If you really want to maintain your Twitter account n a safer way without leaving a simple chance of getting it hacked, try not use the email address on other webmail accounts.

2.  Unique passwords- This is one of the most important part in dealing with hackers. Always change your password at least once in 2 months which will make it difficult for other to guess your Twitter account password. This is very important for the business accounts as it can affect their business in a large way.

3. Verify your login- To use this option, first you must enter into your Twitter account and go to settings page. Here you will see Security and Privacy option, where you must select Verify login requests to include a mobile number. Now you have verified your Twitter account login and each time while login into it, you will get an sms to your mobile that will contain a code. You must enter both the sms code you have received in your mobile along with password to gain access to your Twitter account.

4. Secure blogs- Most of the people using blogs will set up WordPress accounts automatically to send a tweet if a post gets updated. During this time, the hackers will try to access the WordPress blog of the business to begin send a tweet in your brand name. You can use the posts both in your blog and the Twitter account, but make sure to do it manually than using the automatic option to prevent the hacker from getting accessed to your account.

5. Using third party apps- You can use the same log in id and password which is used to access your Twitter account to use third party apps. Most of the apps that are developed normally ask to create a login id or use already existing email account. During this time, the same email account that is used to for accessing your Twitter account will be used in the apps that can easily cause some trouble. Try to avoid this and create a different login id to access other apps.