Using Twitter Ads To Get Qualified Leads

Twitter ads have been a great support in getting successful leads for the brands through social media channels. There are few special ways to redefine your Twitter ads to target the right people. You can always start your process with the ad campaign by logging into the Twitter account. You can also make use of Twitter in the right way to reach your audience using the ad campaign and also be selective while selecting the group of audience. You can just use the most common way of reaching the audience like their gender, location, language and more. Your aim must be to reach more people in a particular region and the following steps will help you to do this.

1. Reaching audience country wise- To do this you can use geotargeting which can help to find customers based on their location. Try to search for particular location using geotargeted ads that helps to target around 200 markets across the world. You also have another way of reaching your customers through granular targeting which helps to create ads for particular region.

2. Ads based on gender- Gender targeting can be the best way to make your ads to reach a particular gender on the social media platform. You can either target men or women based on the research that is used to target the customers. Just access Twitter ad campaign and select the gender even though Twitter will not ask the gender details try to add it if required. With this option you can advertise with different languages and target to various people.

3. Target audience based on language- This is a very important step that can help to develop a trust among your audience on the social media platform. Try to use language targeting as well as geotargeting together to reach your audience with the ad.

4. People using particular device- This is a versatile way of targeting users using a particular device. The mobile users are likely to get attracted for new ads when compared to the people who are using other devices such as a computer. So you will get an idea about targeting the people who have more involvement through a particular device. To reach the people by device, just select the option Select Devices and Platforms to tick all appropriate boxes.

5. Target people with specific interest- Twitter is one of the best platforms to target people with specific interest. To do this, just select Add Interests to see the interest categories and select one of them for using it in your business. There are about 25 categories of interests available in Twitter along with 350 subcategories that can be used for targeting your audience.

6. Reach to a particular group of audience- Tailored audience is one way of reaching the people on the social media platform which is mainly based on website visitors. You can use CRM data and make a custom list of users to target better leads.

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